2XU – Fitness Hi-Rise Compression Tights – Arty Camo Black

Spar 400 kr

999 kr 599 kr

2XU Fitness Hi-Rise Print Compression Tights are the tights for those who are looking for optimum comfort, feeling and shaping. The fitness tights have a milder compression pressure than the remaining 2XU models but are now also equipped with a 12 cm waist.

2XU Fitness Hi-Rise (Print) Compression Tights has a milder compression and is made in the 40/40 Interlock material which is a softer material than our performance models as well as in a trendy design. The 12 cm wide waistband provides good support and comfort during activity. The fitness range is made from a softer and more matte material than other models of 2XU, but without the expense of features such as flexibility, breathability or the comfort you find in other models. A perfect tights that work just as well at the fitness center as for low intensity exercise as a walk. With great comfort, a comfortable fit and a trendy design, this is something you absolutely need in the training wardrobe. The tights have sun protection factor UPF50 + and are anti-odor treated with Polygiene.


Modellen er ca 165cm og bruker strl XS.