Franky’s Bakery Sugar-Free Syrup – Sweet Coffee 425ml

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What would be pancakes, ice cream, freshly baked waffles or all the many other delicacies without a dash of delicious, sweet syrup with the typical traditional American syrup flavor?

We have been in business since 1954 and for us, delicious syrup is simply inseparable from many of our treats. Since 1954 the times and preferences have changed and developed. While it used to be primarily the taste, many today is a healthy diet without sugar and unnecessary fat more important than the taste. From the point of view of health and the development of a sporty and perfectly trained body, this development is of course highly desirable. But do you really need to choose between health / attractive body development and full enjoyment?

NæringsinnholdPer 100 ml
Energi (kcal)4
Fett (g)0
mettet (g)0
Karbohydrater (g)0
sukkerarter (g)0
Proteiner (g)0
Salt (g)0

Ingredienser: Vann, aroma, xanthangummi, søtningsmiddel (sukralose), konverseringsmiddel


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