Genetic Nutrition Hydrocyn Glycerol Powder 200g

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Designed to make sure you always perform at your MAX level! Completely natural and free from harmful side effects!

When it comes to maximizing muscle cell volume, most athletes and bodybuilders usually experience spontaneous creatine, but there is another, completely natural and healthy – safe active ingredient that has long been a well – kept secret in the field of bodybuilding and performance sports, glycerol. But glycerine can do much more than just increase muscle cell volume.

In addition to an increase in muscle cell volume, glycerin can significantly enhance the effect of creatine, considerably improve the hydration state of the body, and even increase the blood volume. This results in a whole series of very interesting applications for bodybuilders and performance athletes in the endurance range

  • An extreme, literally brittle pump through a dramatic increase in muscle cell volume
  • Increased blood volume for a further increase in the pump and an insane vascularity
  • Powerful anabolic effect and increased muscle build-up by maximizing muscle cell volume
  • Completely natural and free from harmful side effects
  • It works synergistically with creatine and can enormously intensify its effect
  • Improved definition, vascularity and muscle hardness for competitive bodybuilders
  • Significantly increased force
  • Can significantly improve the performance of endurance athletes.
  • Can be used to create your own pump pre-workout
NæringsinnholdPer porsjon (2.5g)
Glyserol-pulver (mg)2500