IronMaxx Whey Isolate Zero 2000g

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Pure whey protein isolate by IronMaxx®

Bring out the best in you!

Whey isolate Zero by IronMaxx® is one of the purest and best protein sources for body building and endurance sports with a protein concentration of up to 98% (on a dry matter basis = DMB). Our whey isolate is micro filtered up to a degree of purity of nearly 100% and contains almost no carbohydrates! Whey isolate zero supports and fuels your muscles fast – it contains all the essential amino acids as well as BCAAs* and that is why it brings out the best in you: muscle growth AND definiton – without carbs and a minimal amount of fat (depending on the flavor < 1,7 %) – the ideal protein shake for your workout.

*BCAAs: Branched-Chain Amino Acids = amino acids that have aliphatic side-chains with a branch (a carbon atom bound to more than two other carbon atoms) and are not synthesized in the liver but fuel your muscles right away.

Whey isolate zero by IronMaxx® supports your body with the best, pure protein as well as containing all essential amino acids and resulting in an extra high biological value.

Whey isolate or whey protein concentrate?
What is the difference between whey isolate and whey protein concentrate that is largely popular with strength- and endurance athletes? Is the more expensive isolate worth the price?

There’s no doubt about it for athletes who suffer from lactose intolerance. Due to our aquasoft method and our special production process, the microfiltration, whey isolate is easily soluble in water and lactose free. Taking this into account, whey isolate is highly recommended for athletes suffering from lactose intolerance.

Whey isolate zero is equally undisputed when it comes to reducing body fat: if we are on a diet and want to lose weight or working towards the definition of our muscles we gladly forego extra calories! Compared to whey isolate with 0% carbohydrates (for its flavor „neutral“), the percentage of carbohydrates in classic whey protein lies around 5% – 8 %. But if you are neither dieting nor lactose intolerant, you will find that whey concentrate continues to be a very good source of protein for muscle growth and maintenance.

Whey isolate – excellent amino acid balance
The IronMaxx®-formula for an absolutely high-quality protein-drink with whey isolate: lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and, of course, all three BCAAs: isoleucine, leucine and valine, that directly impact your muscles, thus taking care of all essential amino acids for your muscular protein synthesis. Further, semi-essential amino acids complete the picture – together, they provide an excellent amino acid balance.

  • Up to 98% whey protein isolate with BCAAs*
  • 100% lactose free
  • Sugar free (flavor: neutral; other flavors: up to 3,1%)
  • High dosage of essential amino acids
  • Fast body intake
  • Low-fat preparation with water
  • High solubility
NæringsinnholdPer 100 gram
Energi (kcal)379
Fett (g)2,3
mettet (g)1,4
Karbohydrater (g)2,2
sukkerarter (g)0
Protein (g)85
Fiber (g)0
Salt (g)1,21

Ingredienser: melkeproteiner, emulgator (soya), kakaopulver, aroma, fortykningsmiddel (xanthan), søtningsmiddel (sukralose, stevia)