LEVITY Electric Ab Stimulator

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Nowadays many people struggle with their own body, having to deal with their big, bloated belly. Even though their food intake may be lower than the normal standard, the problem remains. Most likely, this is caused by lack of muscle, not by overeating habits.

Your everyday activities, like walking, running, stair-climbing, lifting, and even sitting and standing, can truly be empowered with the right stimulus. The Prozis Pulse - Electric Muscle Stimulator was designed to effectively develop targeted muscles, empowering your natural everyday actions and increasing your muscle activity.

To reach your muscle goals, to get that perfect toned body, or even to relax your muscles after an intensive workout session, take 20 minutes of your day and make them count. Each second will be worth it!

Shaping performance
EMS uses electric stimulation to create an involuntary muscle contraction. That’s why EMS is an important factor in achieving the improvement you’re looking for. Your muscle stimuli are also your stimuli to fulfill your goals and expectations. No matter how busy your everyday schedule is, you can reach further.

Pulse Eletric Muscle Stimulator

  • 20-minute timed training
  • Train your muscles anytime and anywhere.
  • 5 frequency presets
  • All frequencies can train muscles effectively.15 intensity levels
  • Go from warm-up to training to cool-down.15 sessions per charge
  • Train, rest, and train again!

PS: Batteries not included.

EAN: 7090066664554