NEBBIA Gold Mesh leggings 829

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Modern look. Intense fit. These stunning high-waisted leggings are designed with an airy sweat-wicking mesh that goes from mid-thighs all the way down to your knees. This combination of materials will give you the best possible results for your fitness journey. Coloured in luxurious gold and black, this dazzling combination will make you feel every movement in the gym more intensively than ever before.
The material is thicker and provides perfect support thanks to its technical and compressive qualities that will cover all imperfections, shape your curves, and speed up the recovery after training. Not only that, with all these details it's suitable for all kinds of workouts, from cardio to HIIT. You will also be excited to find out that there is a scrunch butt effect to accentuate the shape of your butt and iconic NEBBIA lampas on the sides to highlight the female curves and shape your thighs.
Intense commitment. Intense training. Intense black. Intense fit. Refuse to put anything but 100% in.


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