NEBBIA Power Your Hero iconic sports bra 535 Black

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Firm Sporty Style, Iconic NEBBIADesign, Elastic And Flexible Material, Double Stitching In The Front, Original Tear-drop Shapped Crossed Design On The Back, Wider Elastic Straps Crossed At The Back

Your perseverance is an endless source of inspiration for us.

We designed a sports bra that allows you to fully focus on your training.

The smooth front is made of flexible material that keeps shape and gives you maximum support.

Wide straps are made of elastic rubber that do not press into your skin.

Crossed straps on the back create a beautiful tear-drop shape.

The iconic rubber with the NEBBIA logo with small silicone “N” on the inside ensures that the mini top holds in place during the most demanding HIIT workouts.

You absolutely deserve the best.