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SLIMFERNO is a high potency diet supplement from the Peak International range. Designed for strict dietary phases, SLIMFERNO provides you with a unique formula, which consists of the most important dietary substrates of modern sports nutrition. Thus, SLIMFERNO is the ideal companion to your diet, which pursues the goal of fat loss and weight loss.

What can I expect from SLIMFERNO?
SLIMFERNO offers you a patented mix of guarana and citrus extracts with high-dose Sinetrol ® XPUR, which has a high polyphenol content. As a result, Sinetrol has been studied in several studies designed to reduce abdominal fat, hip and waist circumference, and appetite inhibition.

In addition, SLIMFERNO with caffeine contains probably the best known and most used stimulant, which is anchored in almost all diet plans of successful athletes as an integral part. The stimulant no. 1 by a functional green tea extract, which is considered in sports nutrition as an effective synergy substrate to caffeine.

With carnitine, a functional amino acid of importance for fatty acid transport, and tyrosine, the starting substrate for all catecholamines and thyroid hormones, SLIMFERNO also provides proven dietary substrates. Supplemented with taurine, which is an integral part of energy drinks, SLIMFERNO contains important amino acids that should not be missing in any effective diet supplement.

With ginseng, ginger and raspberry SLIMFERNO also provides functional extracts that contribute significantly to the sophisticated formulation of this unique diet supplement, which should support you in your diet efforts in the best possible way.

The SLIMFERNO chromium helps maintain a normal blood sugar level that is of particular interest to dieters, as a high blood sugar level is the trigger for excessive «binge eating». With choline, SLIMFERNO provides a primary, monohydric alcohol, scientifically proven to contribute to a regular lipid metabolism that is of particular importance in dietary phases. With the hexavalent, cyclic alcohol inositol, SLIMFERNO also provides a potent synergistic substrate that optimally complements choline. Rounded off by Vitamin C and Magnesium, which support a normal energy metabolism, SLIMFERNO becomes a truly unique and powerful diet supplement!


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