PEAK Sweet Potato Powder 500g

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  • Healthy complex carbs
  • Long-lasting energy supply
  • Support normal muscle function

If you want to take healthy, natural carbohydrates but don’t have the time to prepare meals, this sweet potato powder is the perfect solution!

Sweet potato powder contains complex carbs with a low glycemic index which means they will give you a long-lasting and constant energy supply. Therefore it is ideal for being taken before long training sessions. Moreover, sweet potatoes are rich in micronutrients, especially vitamins A and C.

Sweet potato powder can either be taken on its own or mixed with your favorite protein an ideal snack or even a functional post-workout shake. If taken after workout, these carbs will help restore muscle glycogen storage and ensure that a normal muscle function.

NæringsinnholdPer 100 gram
Energi (kcal)360
Fett (g)2
mettet (g)0
Karbohydrater (g)74
sukkerarter (g)14
Fiber (g)10
Proteiner (g)5
Salt (g)0

Ingredienser: 100% søtpotetpulver

EAN: 5453001858586