ProTan Blow Out Hot Action Pre-Training Gel 118ml

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Blow Out (Hot Action Pre-workout Gel) from Pro Tan is made in gel format to spread on the skin and muscle areas. It is specially designed to activate muscle endurance without the need for a long pre warm-up. Ideal for activating the body at the moment of the final pumping, that is, it allows the organism to have enough capacity to withstand the last stage of training in which the blood pumps oxygen and nutrients to the various muscle groups.

Its excellent formula is made from water, isopropyl alcohol, methyl salicylate, arginine, carnitine, extract of Tribulus Terrestris and a whole series of components that help to achieve an impressive effect. The operation of this product is based on the fact that the heat catalyzes the muscle activity and helps to a better blood irrigation. This is how athletes do not have to undergo a quick pre-workout routine to start working at their maximum capacity. Another advantage is that being a tonic for the epidermis, does not generate any kind of allergy. Without doubt, it is a product 100% recommended and of the best quality.

For muscles to be at their maximum capacity, they must first undergo a warm-up phase. This is a time-consuming process of getting work capacity up, as well as blood supply to get more oxygen and nutrients for physical work. It is a process that can be accelerated and optimized thanks to this fantastic product. Just enough to apply this gel over the area in which you want to have an immediate effect. The idea is to place it five minutes before training. That way, you can start with high demands routines, achieving muscle endurance that allows excellent results.


  • Advanced muscle nitric oxide activator
  • Improves muscle fullness
  • Maximizes vascularity
  • Easy to apply, quickly and effectively
  • Does not cause allergies to the skin
  • Helps withstand high intensity workouts
  • Warms joints and muscles up
  • Ideal for the pre-workout phase
  • This gel is based on generating an intense heat wave on the musculature, so that it reacts and the pre-workout process is advanced.

Recommended Use: apply the gel over the desired areas, five (5) minutes before training. Massage hard on the skin. If after five minutes the heat is too intense on the epidermis, then wash with plenty of water. Always wash hands and wrists after each application. Apply again as needed.



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