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What is D-Ribose CM3+?
D-Ribose CM3+ is exactly what it states, D-ribose and creatine tri malate in THE SAME CAPSULE. The ground breaking innovation is the +! The + represents the inclusion of Co enzyme Q10. Co Q10 is crucial for energy production.

This product is the ONLY one in he world to combine Co Q10 with creatine to assist in ATP production. This will give you a noticable increase in energy.

Why take creatine?
Creatine increases ATP (Adenosine Tri-phosphate), allowing the body to work harder.In order to increase your ATP levels, you need to have an adequate amount of creatine in the body.

What is Tri-creatine malate?
Tri-creatine malate is a mixture of creatine and malic acid. Malic acid is an important component of ATP production. The inclusion of malic acid raises ATP levels and increases absorption. Tri-creatine malate may alleviate some of the bloating and digestion problems associated with other creatines.

What is D-Ribose?
D-ribose restores muscle ATP concentrations after intense workout. Skeletal muscle ATP levels after high intensity exercise sessions may take 26 and 93 hours (1-4 days) to recover. With ribose supplementation, a return to full cellular energy charge would take 6 to 22 hours (within a day).

What is Co-enzyme Q10?
CoQ10 is an indispensable part of ATP production, especially in muscle cells during high-intensity and intensive exercise. CoQ10 will help against oxidative stress from strenuous exercise and reduce subsequent muscle damage.

Several published studies have shown a relation between reduced levels of the energy-enhancing nutrient, coenzyme Q10, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin-like compound that enables the powerhouses (mitochondria) of the body’s cells to produce energy by converting fat, carbohydrate, and protein into ATP (a molecule that stores energy inside the cell). In studies, coenzyme Q10 has been shown to:
- Increase energy levels
- Counteract muscle aches (especially those caused by
cholesterol-lowering drugs)
- Improve cardiac functioning
- Enhance endurance
Ingredients: Creatine Tri-malate, D-ribose, Co enzyme Q10, Capsule: gelatine (bovine), Colorant: Titanium dioxide

EAN: 7090044430973