SunnRask – Frysetørket Moreller 100g

219 kr

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  • Best før: januar 1, 2021

SunnRask’s range of freeze-dried berries and fruit is made with 100% natural ingredients. Through freeze drying, all liquid from the berries is removed while about 98% of the nutrient content is retained. The result is a concentrated vitamin and flavor bomb!

  • Used as a topping on porridge, pancakes, baking.
  • Perfect in smoothie
  • 100% natural
  • Choose between 40grams and 100g bags
Energi 68kJ / 16kcal
Fett, totalt 0,0 g
- hvorav mettet 0,0g
- hvorav enumettet fett 0,0g
- hvorav flerumettet fett 0,0g
Karbohydrater, totalt 3,9 g
- hvorav sukker 2,9 g
- hvorav stivelse 0,0g
Fiber 0,2g
Protein 0,1g
Salt 0,0g

Ingredienser: Frysetørket Moreller