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Hvit Quinoa 1000g
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There are several varieties of quinoa that grow in many colours. In South America the three most commonly cultivated and consumed are the red, white and black varieties. They differ from each other and from our Quinta Quinoa in many elements such as taste, texture, cooking time and nutritional content. The Katan Kitchens team has conducted extensive research trials over the past five years to determine that white or golden quinoa, like our own Quinta variety, grows best in Ontario soils. We often get questions from consumers on what the differences in colour mean for them – is there different nutritional value, flavour, cooking directions, etc.? So we set out to set the record straight!

White quinoa is cooked with most commonly as it has a light flavour that will not overpower other ingredients in a recipe. Of the three colours, it also has the lightest texture and is fluffier than the other colours once cooked. White quinoa also cooks quicker and is less crunchy than other coloured varieties. Our organoleptic tests at Quinta have revealed that the Quinta seed variety requires less water to be cooked to the same consistency as other white quinoa varieties. The cooking instructions on our packaging are formulated specifically for Quinta Quinoa!

Red quinoa has a heavier texture compared to white, and also has a more prominent flavour that is often described as “nutty”. The heavy texture of red quinoa allows it to hold up very well when cooked. This texture makes red quinoa a great cold salad ingredient! It also maintains its red colour after cooking, so if you are looking to add some colour to a dish, red quinoa can be a great addition.

Black quinoa is the least commonly used as it is the most difficult to find, and production of it in South America is less than white and red varieties. While similar in texture to red quinoa, black quinoa has an “earthier” flavour and tends to taste sweeter than white quinoa. Like red quinoa, the black varieties also hold up well and maintain their colour once cooked.

While we all know that quinoa is highly nutritious, there are some nutritional differences between red, black, white varieties and Quinta Quinoa. Typically, all three quinoa colours have similar protein content, although our Ontario grown Quinta Quinoa surpasses all commercial varieties with 10g of protein per 50g (1/4 cup) serving. Quinoa is considered the most complete plant-based protein meaning it contains all essential amino acids making it a great protein alternative for vegetarians and vegans. Ordinarily black quinoa is highest in fibre with a one-cup serving having 5 grams of fibre however; Quinta Quinoa has 6g of fibre in a quarter cup! In terms of protein, white, red and black varieties have 6 g per serving. Quinta Quinoa is the only quinoa on the market with 10g of protein per serving! Check out the side-by-side view of the nutritional facts tables of red, white and black quinoa compared to Quinta Quinoa at the bottom of this blog!

While the differences between red, white and black quinoa varieties are subtle, Quinta Quinoa is still nutritionally superior to all current commercial varieties. Foods high in the above-mentioned nutrients, contribute to a healthy digestive system, strong bones and muscles and healthy oxygen circulation! Choosing a quinoa colour for your recipe can depend on personal preferences, the flavour profile you are looking for and the availability of colour in your area. No matter what type of diet you follow, quinoa, especially Quinta Quinoa, is a superfood you should consider trying! And if you can’t decide between the different colours, you can always combine them all for a colourful meal!

Happy quinoa eating!

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