TF7 Fuel Protein 1.4kg

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  • Best før: mai 1, 2021

Formulated in our TF7 lab, Fuel contains 24 Grams of protein per 30G serving from a combination of Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate.

Available in 5 delicious flavours Fuel can be taken at any point in the day when a high protein meal or snack is required, or simly because you enjoy the taste. Fuel can be mixed with milk or water, simply add one scoop of Fuel to 400ml of milk or water in your TF7 shaker, shake and drink. Add more water for a less intense flavour and less for a more intense flavour.

NæringsinnholdPer servering (30g)
Energi (kcal)119
Fett (g)2,1
hvorav mettet (g)0,5
Karbohydrater (g)1,1
hvorav sukker (g)1,1
Proteiner (g)24
Salt (g)0,078

Ingredienser: Myseproteinkonsentrat, aroma, fargestoff