Women’s Best Daily Vitamins 120 Capsules

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Even if you eat loads of fruit and vegetables you may suffer from nutrient deficiency. The right supply of vitamins and minerals is the base of well-being. Multi-Vitamin supplies all essential vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients to support your healthy lifestyle. Deficiency symptoms like weakness, fatigue, and exhaustion are a thing of the past.

Recommended use: Take one capsule with lunch and one capsule with dinner [two capsules per day]. Please drink a large glass of water with every intake of the capsules.

NæringsinnholdPer dagsdose
Kalsium (mg)40
Magnesium (mg)60
Vitamin C (mg)20
Sink (mg)5
Jern (mg)3
Vitamin B12 (mcg)10
Vitamin E (mg)3
Niacin (mg)5
Pantonensyre (mg)5
Vitamin B6 (mg)5
Selenium (mcg)10
Kopper (mg)0,25
Jod (mcg)100
Manganesium (mg)0,5
Vitamin B1 (mg)2
Vitamin D3 (mcg)5
Riboflavin (mg)2
Krom (mcg)40
Folatsyre (mcg)200
Biotin (mcg)100
Kolin (mg)5
L-Tyrosin (mg)5
Bringebær-ekstrakt (mg)50
Macarot-ekstrakt (mg)50
Guarana-ekstrakt (mg)20

Øvrige ingredienser: Veganske cellulosekapsler

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