Women’s Best – Shape Body Shake 1000g

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Siste nytt fra Women's Best - proteinpulveret med slankende effekt!

  • Tilsatt grønn te og l-carnitin for økt forbrenning!
  • Helt uslåelig smak!
  • Bidrar til å bevare muskelmasse og øke fettforbrenningen!
  • Tilsatt vitaminer og mineral for optimal næring!
  • Tilsatt fiber for økt metthetsfølelse!

Enough with strict diets, constant feeling of hunger and the annoying yo-yo effect! You can achieve your weight loss and shaping goals with our unbelievably delicious Shape Body Shake and a low-calorie diet.

Developed by our experts, the Shape Body Shake formula meets the strict requirements of the EFSA. The used protein in our shakes supports muscles, contains essential vitamins, valuable minerals and filling carbohydrates.

This mixture, combined with the L-Carnitine Carnipure®, green tea extract and the premium fiber Nutriose®, is what makes our Shape Body Shake unique.

Why we are using Nutriose®?

NUTRIOSE® is a particularly well-tolerated soluble fiber made from corn dextrin. It has been clinically tested and developed in short- and long-term clinical trials. The excellent digestibility of NUTRIOSE® depends on how it is metabolized. About 15% are hydrolyzed in the small intestine, 75% are fermented in the large intestine and only about 10% are excreted. Compared to similar products, because there is no sudden and excessive fermentation in the colon, bloating, bowel problems or diarrhea are avoided.

What is L-Carnitine?

L-Carnitine is an amino acid essential for the transport of long-chain fatty acids through the mitochondrial membrane. These fats are broken down, transported to the muscle cells and used for energy. L-Carintine is enjoying increasing popularity among athletes and people who want to combine body shaping with an active lifestyle.

Why do we rely on L-Carnitine from Carnipure®?

Carnipure® is a L-Carnitine nutrient, produced by Swiss company Lonza, a brand that stands for highest quality. Lonza has conducted several human studies on the benefits of Carnipure® (L-Carnitine) in human nutrition in collaboration with universities and research centers around the world. Since L-Carnitine plays a central role for the metabolism, it has been shown that the nutrient Carnipure® has beneficial properties in terms of health.

NæringsinnholdPer shake
Energi (kcal)208
Fett (g)6.3
hvorav mettet (g)3.3
Karbohydrater (g)14.9
hvorav sukkerarter (g)9.8
hvorav polyoler (g)0
Proteiner (g)20
Kostfiber (g)4.8
Salt (g)0.5
Vitamin C (mg)33
Vitamin E (mg)4.7
Vitamin B3 (mg)5.6
Vitamin A (mcg)440
Vitamin B5 (mg)5.6
Vitamin D (mcg)2.75
Vitamin B6 (mg)0.77
Vitamin B2 (mg)0.77
Vitamin B1 (mg)0.85
Vitamin B12 (mcg)1.38
Vitamin B9 (mcg)110
Biotin (mcg)30
Magnesium (mg)206
Kalsium (mg)439
Jern (mg)4.9
Kalium (mg)504
Natrium (mg)155
Selenium (mg)35
Kopper (mcg)550
Mangan (mcg)688
Jod (mcg)83.6
Sink (mg)3.7

Ingredienser: Proteinblanding (mysekonsentrat, melkeproteiner), fiber, maltodextrin, soyaolje, aroma, grønn te-ekstrakt, l-karnitin, glukosesirup, emulgator (soya), salt, fortykningsmiddel (xanthan), søtningsmiddel (sukralose)