Women’s Best – Shape Fat Burner

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Plant-based fiber. A true all-rounder.

  • Proven formula
  • 100% premium quality plant-based dietary fiber
  • Supports diets and stops food cravings
  • Efficacy approved by the EFSA
  • Supports balancing normal blood cholesterol levels

Our Shape Caps contain a natural dietary fiber formula developed by our expert which are supportive when you’re on a diet and help achieving weight loss and body shaping goals.

All this is possible thanks to glucomannan, a plant-based fiber from the araceae family, which benefits have been approved by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

Taking these capsules before a meal will make you feel fuller faster while eating and efficiently save calories. Because of its characteristic to swell up when in contact with liquids, it will fill your stomach. Thereby a feeling of satiety is achieved a lot quicker. And that is not all: Glucomannan has other health benefits: it also helps to maintain normal cholesterol levels in the blood. Thanks to the capsules form, it is easy to take and suitable for everyday use.

EAN: 9010128000326