Women’s Best Vitamin D2+K3+Omega 3 – 100 Capsules

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Sun from the inside – all year long!

  • Proven powerful formula
  • Helps you maintain healthy bones and teeth
  • Intelligent combination of active ingredients
  • 1000 units of Vitamin D3 combined with K2
  • Omega 3 fatty acids derived from algae and linseed oil

Why is Vitamin D deficiency such a widespread issue?
For a sufficient supply of Vitamin D, our body requires enough sunlight. However, our Western lifestyle can be problematic in this regard: spending too much time in closed rooms, age, skin type, long clothing, sunscreen and many other factors lead to a lack of Vitamin D.
In the period from October to March, sunshine in the Northern hemisphere is often not strong enough to cover the required daily amount of Vitamin D.

Why do we combine D3 with K2 and Omega 3?
Vitamin K is one of the most important additions to Vitamin D, which is why they should be ingested together if possible. This is the only way the calcium will successfully reach your bones and teeth.
Both vitamins belong to the group of fat-soluble vitamins and can only be absorbed in an optimal way if they are combined with a fatty substance. Linseed oil and Chlorella algae have an especially high amount of the Omega 3 fatty acid called alpha linoleic acid. This combination of fatty acids guarantees the best possible absorption via the small intestine.

What is Vitamin D3?
Vitamin D is not a vitamin in the classic sense but rather a pre-hormone. The main source of our Vitamin D supplies, however, is not food but the sun, which helps our body produce Vitamin D by itself within the skin.
This, in turn, is converted to an important hormone that regulates the proper functionality of our cells and various processes in our body. Almost all our cells depend on a sufficient amount of Vitamin D.
Vitamin D helps maintain healthy bones and teeth and is essential for your muscles. In addition, it contributes to a healthy immune system and has an important role to play in cell division.

What is Vitamin K2?
Only few of us know Vitamin K or are aware of its importance. It belongs to the group of fat-soluble vitamins and is especially vital for blood coagulation, bone metabolism, bone formation and the strength of your bones.

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NæringsinnholdPer kapsel
Linfrøoljepulver (mg)240
Vitamin K (mcg)150
Vitamin D (mcg)41
Chlorellapulver (mg)90

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