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Once you get called ‘Yoked’ you know you’ve made it… Why?

It’s the ultimate sign of respect…

While terms like huge, diesel & ripped are thrown around on a daily basis, Yoked is reserved for the elite… Only the baddest bad ass in the place can legitimately be called Yoked. If you call someone Yoked who doesn’t deserve it then expect to get slapped silly. When you’re Yoked, you just look different. Muscles are thick and dense – like slabs of beef. Cuts run deep and look like they’ve been etched by a jackhammer, while veins resemble a Rand McNally map.

When You’re Truly Yoked, You’re The Total Package, and quite frankly dudes want to be you & chicks want to be with you.

Næringsinnhold Per servering (4 kapsler)
Vitamin C100 mg
Patentert blanding3000 mg
Vitis Vinifera (rød vinrake)
Pinus Pinaster (strandfuru)



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